About Us

The journey at Ezi Sweep Industries Ltd started in 1985 when Hedley Brewerton brought a small factory floor sweeper, his work load consisted of 6 hours per week of sweeping for the councils, as he continued on he slowly built this up to a stage where he had a full time job completing sweeping jobs with this small machine, in 1995 Ezi Sweep Industries invested in their first truck mounted sweeper, from here we have gone from strength to strength, investing in more equipment and taking on more work in the Nelson region and the wider area including a sweeper machine based in Greymouth.

Today Ezi Sweep Industries employs 15 valuable staff members, has 8 truck mounted sweeper machines in our fleet, 2 x Schmidt Swingo footpath and C.B.D sweepers and factory floor sweeper and scrubber machines.

Ezi Sweep Industries has a modern fleet of sweeper machines and all our equipment is well maintained, all our machines are equipped with emergency spill kits, first aid kits and fire extinguishers and our operators have been subject to extensive in-house training on procedures, checks and managing our environmental responsibility.

Core Mission, Vison and Values

Ezi Sweep Industries mission is to be a progressive, profitable and innovative organisation where our team works together to resolve the many and varied challenges that come our way, ensuring the client’s experience with our company coincides with our guarantee of professionalism. Ezi Sweep has a vision to be the market leaders within our industry, both in choice of employment and customer service.

Statement of Values

We will strive to meet all clients’ deadline requests; our motto will be ‘under promise - over deliver’. Our business is built on repeat customers. We will do everything, within reason, not to lose a client. A satisfied customer lays the base for repeat business.

As a company we will strive to do everything that our customer requests of us, and will endeavour to ‘do a job once and do it well. As a company we will strive to be reliable and provide excellent customer service, recognizing that this is the key to success.

Code of Conduct

  • We will be friendly and polite to all customers, keeping conversation professional - (i.e. no inappropriate jokes, etc).
  • All customer complaints will be reported to management and dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner.
  • We will treat every customer equally and with fairness, regardless of the size of their business.
  • We will act consistently as individuals when interacting with customers, illustrating our culture of excellence concerning customer service.
  • We will greet every customer in a warm and friendly manner, using their personal name when possible.
  • We will act in a professional manner at all times, with a positive attitude toward every job.
  • As a team we will strive to do a job once and do it well.
  • Communication is a key to success in our trade, and as individuals we will endeavour to communicate with customers as often as necessary when on site.
  • As a team we will be proactive observers when on the customer’s site and if we can assist the customer in any other way, talk this through with your supervisor.