Our Services

Ezi-Sweep Industries Limited specialise in a range of services, these include Road Sweeping, Footpath Sweeping, Sump/Cesspit Cleaning, Floor Scrubbing, Clay Paver Cleaning, Oil Spill Clean-up, Yard and Carpark Sweeping and Hydrovac Excavation.

We pride ourselves in guaranteeing the customers experience with our company is an enjoyable one and we go to extra lengths to ensure that the level of our service is up to the mark.

  • Road sweeping

    Ezi Sweep has had over 35 years’ experience in Road sweeping services.

    Typical applications include: NZTA highway sweeping, Council road sweeping, Council carparks and footpath sweeping, industrial yards & carpark sweeping, factory floor sweeping.

    We specialize in urban sweeping, reseal sweeping and yard sweeping. We have the largest and most modern range of road sweeper machines in the top of the south region ranging from small factory floor sweepers to footpath and C.B.D sweepers to truck mounted road sweepers. All our machines are maintained to the highest standard to ensure that break downs are kept to a minimum while on-site.

  • Sump/Cesspit Cleaning

    Ezi Sweep completes sump and cesspit cleaning for city councils and industrial yards. Typical applications include: roads, car parks, industrial yards and factory’s, tanks.

    This involves maintaining the sumps to a functional standard to ensure the network doesn’t flood in times of heavy rain.

  • Paver Cleaning

    We offer a hot & cold whirlaway deep clean service and specialise in council footpath surface cleaning to remove grime and moss build up.

    Typical applications include: paved areas especially council cobbles and concrete block paved areas including re sanding with pave lock, exposed aggregate surfaces, driveways and footpaths to remove moss and dirt build up, slip resistant factory floor surfaces such as Shoreshield surfaces.This includes managing paver cleaning contracts with councils.

    Using walk behind Steam clean Whirlawaying unit we have ample experience cleaning large paved or concreted areas, and re-sanding. This system is very effective as a final clean-up of oil and Fuel spills to lift all contaminants and maximum staining removal.

  • Chip Recovery

    Ezi Sweep have completed many years of reseal chip sweeping. Typical applications include: NZTA highways, Council roads, car parks, footpaths.

    This work has been completed for key customers like Downer, Fulton Hogan and Higgins. We pride ourselves in supplying an excellent level of service when completing reseal sweeping as we understand that we are working as part of a team to complete this work.

  • Spill Response

    We offer a fast, efficient spill response service Including CONTAINMENT DISPOSAL AND FINAL CLEAN UP. Typical applications include: Hydraulic hose blow out on machinery, diesel spill from ruptured fuel tank, sucking storm water sump or Ccess pitt to remove oil after a spill.

    Containment is managed with spreading of mineral sponge to absorb spill & using spill kit to create temporary bund area around Oil and Diesel spills, sucking of storm water sumps and interceptor arrangements, if necessary steam cleaning and water run off control with ride on scrubber machine. All this includes the removal and disposal of products in the correct manner. All liquids are disposed of at our own Council approved trade waste facility in our yard.

  • Hydrovac Excavation

    Ezi Sweep has had many years’ experience in Hydrovac excavation.

    Typical applications include: Exposing water pipes under the ground to work on these services or repair leaks, trenching around underground cables (Hydro trenching), creating holes for power poles and street light poles, creating holes for fence posts and road signs, creating holes for safety barriers (guard rails), location of services on construction sites prior to digger excavation, exposing existing industrial building foundations where they need strengthening to meet current earthquake standards.

    The advantage with Hydrovac excavation is its safe, fast and accurate with no possible damage to any underground services, whether it’s electrical or communication cables, water, sewer or gas pipes. With our equipment, we use high pressure water in conjunction with the larger suction hoses ranging in sizes from 6 inch, 7 inch to 8 inch, this means that we can suck up larger items compared with the traditional method, meaning our equipment operates with increased efficiencies. We specialize in supplying an excellent level of service (including after-hours call outs) with a highly trained and energetic team.

  • Tennis Court & Artificial Turf

    We have experience in artificial turf grooming using a ride on flick action machine. Typical applications Include: tennis courts for grooming and removing excess sand from base to remove tennis court slip problem, hockey courts.

    Using ride on flick action grooming machine we will set up brush to groom to clients Desired Depth and as the machine moves forward it flicks the sand and foreign debris into its hopper.

  • Industrial Yard/Car Park Sweeping

    We offer industrial yard and car park sweeping services & also warehouse and factory floor sweeping. Typical applications include: customer car parks, industrial yard clean up, factory floor sweeping, road way sweeping, warehouse & bulk store areas floor sweeping. Using a combination of large suction sweepers and ride on and flick broom sweeper machines we have the resource to deal with annual site clean up’s and any challenge that comes our way.

  • Floor Scrubbing

    We offer an industrial floor scrubbing service.

    Typical applications include: cool store floors, pack house floors including pre-season and pre audit cleans, aircraft hangar floor cleaning both painted and non-painted, maintenance floor cleaning for industrial warehouses, fruit & veg distribution centres maintenance and pre audit floor cleans, pre hand over floor clean ups post construction work

    Using ride on battery powered floor scrubbing machines that are suitable for both inside and outside use, specialising in building floor scrubbing and squeegee water & contaminants removal leaving a surface almost dry.

  • Deep Cleaning - Floor / Yard surfaces

    We offer a hot & cold whirlaway deep clean service and specialise in warehouse and factory floor environments.

    Typical applications include: Factory and warehouse floors especially with oil and heavy build-up of dirt and grime, slip resistant factory floor surfaces such as Shoreshield surfaces. Ideal for thorough clean up prior to shifting into a building or just to achieve maximum cleanliness. For interior floors this option has to work in conjunction with floor scrubber machine for water run off management.

    Using walk behind Steam clean Whirlawaying unit we have ample experience cleaning large to small floors or workshop areas. This system is very effective as a final clean-up of oil and Fuel spills to lift all contaminants and maximum staining removal. Most effective on Concrete, exposed aggregate and paved surfaces.